#92: Explore the Hamlet of Sound Beach

See what the small hamlet of Sound Beach has to offer.

On the North Shore in between Miller Place and Rocky Point, you'll find the quiet little hamlet of Sound Beach.

It stretches from as north as you can go on the shore down to North Country Road and offers a haven for beach bums and the like. While residents know what it has to offer, many may not be familiar.

You can drive down Sound Beach Boulevard to find eateries offering home cooking, like and , pizza from and Chinese food from

The Sound Beach Civic Association holds its meetings and events at the , and down Echo Avenue you'll find market, offering groceries and fine sandwiches with Boar's Head meats. You can also check out and even get a great haircut at , or attend the

It may be small, but with a rich history and strong community, Sound Beach offers plenty to explore and enjoy.


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