Local Spots to Cool Down

With temperatures up, where can you go to cool down?

Temperatures are way up to start June and are expected to continue to crack 90 degrees, so with the heat up, where can you go to cool down? Keep in mind there is an Air Quality Health Advisory for all of Long Island for June 8, so stay cool and avoid getting too much sun or strenuous work outside.

  • Cedar Beach

Take the towels and chairs and hit the (still frigid) Long Island Sound to cool down the body, just remember to bring that umbrella for some shade.

The in Miller Place, right near Cedar Beach. Try to find a time where the line isn't out the door, which may be tough with the temperatures so high, and get your favorite flavor, find some shade and enjoy.

  • Cuzzin's Smoothie Cafe

Sit on one of the beach themed tables and grab a refreshing smoothie in the Marshalls Shopping Center at the corner of Miller Place Road and 25A. You can also now in in Rocky Point.

Get some of the best flavored water or creme ices on 25a in Miller Place in the shopping center.


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