Biggest Fire Stories of 2012

The biggest fires that happened in and around Miller Place-Rocky Point this past year.

Miller Place Fire Chief Shares First-Hand Account of Brush Fires

When the brush fires were raging in the Ridge area, the Miller Place Fire Department and other local departments got the call around 2:30 p.m., and didn't leave until the next morning.

Miller Place First Assistant Chief Kyle Markott commended the effort of all of the fire departments, and gave an update on what they had to deal with.

"The winds spread the fire extremely fast," he said. "All departments have done a great job [and] worked very hard to contain the fire."

Downtown Rocky Point BP Station Remains Shut Down After Tuesday Fire

The BP gas station on Main Street in downtown Rocky Point remains shut down  after a fire on an early Tuesday morning in August.

The Rocky Point Fire Department was called to the scene at around 12:45 a.m. Tuesday morning when a fire began in the convenience store of the gas station, according to Chief Ken Staufer.

"The fire was inside the convenience area and we contained it to that area," he said. "It didn’t spread anywhere."

Repowering Might Have Sparked Mt. Sinai Home Fire

Days after Sandy, a house fire at 90 Wylde Road in Mt. Sinai on Nov. 5 caused extensive damage and might have started when electrical crews re-energized the house, according to the Mt. Sinai Fire Department.

"Due to the construction of this older home, it was necessary to cut several holes through the different roofs," said a fire department representative.

Mt. Sinai Blaze Started in Fireplace

On Nov. 4 a fire broke out in a home at 16 Frost Valley Road in Mt. Sinai apparently due to something faulty in the fireplace, according to a spokesman from the Mt. Sinai Fire Department.


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