Police: Mother of Newborn Injured, Rocky Point Man Charged After Crash

Head-on crash in Shoreham seriously injures mother of newborn; baby does "not appear injured" at this time.

A 23-year-old woman, driving with her 3-week-old baby, was seriously injured after being struck head-on by an alleged drugged driver on Route 25A in Shoreham Tuesday morning.

According to Police, the mother was driving a 2008 Nissan Altima eastbound on 25A in Shoreham at 11:07 a.m Tuesday when Denis Karachopan, 24, of Rocky Point, crossed over from the westbound lane and struck her head-on.

Karachopan was arrested and charged with DWAI Drugs, Police said. The woman was transported Stony Brook Hospital for treatment of serious injuries. The baby is also at Stony Brook but does not appear injured at this time, according to Police.

Katerina Katolis February 07, 2013 at 08:04 PM
This makes me so sick to my stomach. I personally know the victim... have known her since she was 4. She is in serious condition at SBUH and it will be along road to recovery but she is strong enough to pull through. Society sucks and the fact that he got the keys back to his car the day after he was in court for his heroin possession blows my mind. He has no morals or ethics and sucks at life. He deserves to be in prison. Sadly his family will get him the best lawyers they can and he will be slapped on the wrist. The news12 report stated that the officer made him watch as they spent an hour trying to get the victim out of the car... unfortunately he will most likely forget the visual as he was high. The family of the victim is being strong but needs all the prayers and positive thoughts they can get.
Nick February 15, 2013 at 04:08 AM
Let me start by saying I am extremely sorry for the victims in this accident and obviously using drugs is not in any way ok or a good thing but for All the people bashing Dennis and saying things about his life is just ignorant. Yes the kid has problems and its clear that drugs have had an effect on his life. You know the victim?? I know Dennis since we were children and he is a good person and a good friend. He got mixed up in some of the bad things this world has to offer just like every other human being. If he was using when this happened to say that's why it happened is a theory. I know from personal expieriance and hanging out with Dennis that he cant help his addiction but most likely wasnt the cause of it. After using for as long as he has just like the millions of others in America it takes an extreme amount to get you to the point of passing out behind the wheel. I'm not saying that makes it ok but to say he's a dirtbag and sucks at life and all the other stuff people are saying just makes you sound like an idiot. I hope it all works out for the victims and I hope it all works out for Dennis and he gets the help he needs. Keep your head up Dennis and god bless the victims and both families.
Scotty February 15, 2013 at 06:38 PM
@Nick: YOU don't get to whitewash this guy just because you know and grew up with him! This is PRECISELY the reason so many get away with causing irreparable harm to others! This young mother will undoubtedly face a lifetime of pain and suffering (I know because I'm still in her shoes after being in a car hit by a drunk driver back when I was in my early 20's--and years later I still live with the pain and damage he inflicted!) YOU don't get to excuse him because you know him. Sure, he needed hospitalization for his 'problem', but why was he behind the wheel? Why did he not lose his license permanently before this? Why did HE CHOOSE to drive drugged? That was HIS choice! There's not a drunk or an addict out there who doesn't know that they cannot successfully manage a vehicle safely when under the influence yet YOUR BUDDY got behind that wheel and slammed headfirst into an innocent victim. I wonder what your post would have been if this young woman was now lying in the morgue with her baby, OR if it was your sister, mother, girlfriend, wife killed or seriously injured by him? THINK about it--before defending him! For the record? Making that choice to drive drugged makes him NOT 'a good person', Period. You might think of him that way, but you're wrong. And additionally, I and millions like me have never ONCE driven under the influence or made such a choice so kindly do NOT state that 'every other human being' does so! How dare you?
Nick February 16, 2013 at 12:38 AM
@Scotty. First of all I wasn't defending him. I actually said a few times that nothing he did was ok or in any way a good thing. We're you there? Did you see this guy I grew up with driving with a needle in his arm? Wait didn't he plead not guilty? Who's to say that he didn't use 2 days before that and decided he was going to get clean and unfortunately got in an accident shortly after? You can't say he was using and driving. None of us can really know exactly what happened. And wait let me get this strait. Just because he uses or is an addict means that he shouldn't have a license? Just so you know, when a person becomes so dependent on a drug like heroin or pain killers, they actually NEED this drug to seem normal. I'm not saying that it is normal or ok to be a drug addict but you and not I know what exactly went down. What I was saying is that what Dennis did previously to the accident has nothing to do with the accident. I personally know that he is a descent guy especially when he's clean. I feel extremely sorry for that lady whether she was to have died or not. I'm sure it was a life changing experience for both of them just like you. Unfortunately the amount of people effected by heroin which usually starts with pain meds like the ones I'm sure that lady is getting right now is out of control. And what I said was every human being has made a bad decision including yourself. And millions of ammericans struggle with addiction. Those are facts.
Nick February 16, 2013 at 12:40 AM
Again, I never said I was defending him and what happened is not ok in any way. The circumstances don't change whether it was a loved one or not. What happened sucks for both side most likely forever.


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