Street Markings on North Country Road Designed to Slow Drivers Down

Unique white "squares" painted along North Country Road designed to reduce speeding in school zone.

Curious looking white "squares" were recently painted along a small strip leading up to North Country Road Middle School on North Country Road in Miller Place, leading many in the area to wonder what they were for.

According to the Town of Brookhaven, the markings were put there by the Traffic Safety Department and are called transverse markings. These are a series of parallel bars on the inside edges of the travel lane, usually put in advance of a driver speed feedback sign. These particular markings are placed before the school zone.

The spacing between bars decreased approaching the sign and are intended to create the perception that the car's speed is increasing, which in turn triggers the driver to slow down.

Angela January 10, 2013 at 12:29 PM
HAH! That's funny....'triggers the driver to slow down'....well, let me tell you, I live right off of N. Country Road, exactly where those 'squares' start....and IT DOES NOT AFFECT the speed of the drivers AT ALL! The cars go by doing at least 45 mph. ... never 30! It's worse than 25A! The same goes for my own street. It's a free for all!


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