A Look at Tax Levy Increases: Local Districts Compared to Others

Which nearby school districts are and aren't piercing the tax cap.

The local school districts were not alone this year in making some tough budget-related decisions. And come budget vote time on May 15, Rocky Point and Mt. Sinai won't be alone in their quest to seek a supermajority of voter approval by going above the state's cap on tax levy increases.

In this area of Suffolk County it seems districts are split between staying at or below the tax cap and going above it. Here is a look at where Miller Place, Rocky Point, Mt. Sinai and Shoreham-Wading River stand in comparison to other school districts in Suffolk County.

District Enrollment* Adopted Budget Tax Levy Increase +/- District Cap Three Village 7,378 $178.6 million 4.48% Above cap 10,810 $215.3 million 2.23% Under cap Comsewogue 3,890 $79,114,408
4.5% Above cap Sachem 14,668 $291.4 million 4.2% Above cap Middle Country 11,000 $218,150,026
Above cap 2,678 $62.7 million 1.75%
Below cap Port Jefferson 1,217 $38,076,500 2% At cap 3,024 $64,954,995 2.61% At cap Mt. Sinai 2,800 $55,364,115 4.78%
Above cap 3,523 $71,574,012 3.2%
Above cap 7,509 $171 million
2.6% Under cap 4,000 $98.6 million 2.9%
Under cap 3,923 $80,832,817 2.49 Under cap

*Based on 2010-2011 data from New York State Report Cards.

Tom April 25, 2012 at 12:06 PM
How much of our blood do they want? We would like to see a reduction in teachers by at least 25. Increase the class size. Pay as you go sports by parents. Senior with no children tax cut by 5%. Start at the top with the superintendent and cut him by 25% and work your way down the line. Get rid of the illegals. This is how you stay within a budget. We all cut back so now it's the greedy teachers that need to do the same.
Edbo April 25, 2012 at 01:22 PM
School districts consider taxpayers "Cash Cows",,,there is no end to the tax increases. I do vote in budget votes and always vote them down and never vote for school board members because they all seem to raise taxes year after year...board members never represent the taxpayer. Its time for the school districts to consolidate operations in order to lower taxes and cut the flab from useless administrators.
Anton April 26, 2012 at 01:51 AM
This article should really be clarified...only 16/124 school districts on LI are attempting to pierce the cap, six of which are listed above. If 108 other districts can manage, why can't the above districts do the same? It's all about the willingness to share the pain. The school boards of the districts piercing the cap are clearly not working for the taxpayers. If these budgets are passed, the people who live in these towns have nobody to blame but themselves for their ridiculous tax rates. I find it hard to believe that 60% of people will vote in favor of these budgets...but the usual threats of program cuts and other scare tactics will scare a lot of folks. "It's all about the children," they will say. Yea. Wake up people!!
MP Majority April 26, 2012 at 06:50 PM
I look at the greed and protectionism in my district between Administration and the Teachers Association, and shake my head still. And we're not even attempting the pierce the cap, which would be a suicidal move in our district. To see our neighboring districts all attempting to pierce the cap is blatant disregard for the taxpayers. Administration is paid (and paid well) to administer and manage budgets judiciously. By piercing the cap, they are telling the taxpayers that they don't want to bother doing the hard work that budgeting requires. Keep the status quo, protect the fiefdoms that have been built. I will be utterly amazed if anyone of these pass.
Janet May 03, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Sadly, I must agree with Tom. I went to private Catholic school for 12 years. My class size was 60. Yes folks I did say 60. And I managed to learn and do just fine. I am a controller of a multi million dollar company. I work two jobs in order to afford to live in LI. I believe the LI teachers and administration are highly overcompensated. They smokescreen budgets and tell you it's "for the children". I learned in school that budgets also include salaries. Hopefully, see thru NY has made the Miller Place taxpayers aware of what is really going on. I have been voting on the school budget for 36 years and it always passes. I believe that is because most people who vote are connected to the schools or it's parents who have been subjected to the scare tactics of loosing certain programs. In order to make a difference we need more people to get out and vote.


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