Bond Referendum Community Meeting This Wednesday

The district will host a meeting at the high school to discuss a possible bond referendum on capitol improvements district-wide.

The Miller Place School District will host a community meeting this Wednesday to discuss a possible bond referendum based on a presentation given at their last board meeting. 

The board discussed the possibility of making some capitol improvements throughout the district through a new bond referendum that could cost the district a couple of million dollars (if all the proposed projects were approved).

The money would be funded through a bond, which are kind of like promissory notes. They aren’t financially risky, but are paid off through property taxes over the course of a certain amount of time. Bonds also add to the district’s overall debt.

However, the district said it has cracked tennis courts, needs a new roof, and could save money long-term by investing in some solar panels. The district presented some of the projects they are considering to put up for a bond referendum. Those include:

  • Solar Panels
  • Safety Glazing & Cafeteria Doors
  • Phone System
  • Replace/Repair the Track
  • Install Sports Lighting
  • Turf Stadium field
  • Turf Upper field
  • Turf Back field
  • Rebuild Varsity Baseball/Softball Infields
  • Replace/Repair 8 HS Tennis Courts
  • Bollards in front of the main entrance
  • Install Gas Service 

The board has the ability to pick and choose what will be included in the bond before it gets put up to a vote. The district has decided to host a meeting to allow for community members to get up to speed on where they stand. The meeting will be this Wednesday at the high school auditorium beginning at 7 p.m.

Anton February 03, 2014 at 12:41 PM
This is how they do it...vague numbers, misleading flyers, throw in some other confusing numbers so you can't figure out what the real cost is. If anyone thinks the tax impact will be only $70/yr I have a bridge to sell you. They know exactly what this is going to cost, an how much your taxes will increase, but you won't see these numbers. The numbers will be presented in a way that makes the expense look like, "a cup of coffee a day" and will be confusing. Then they'll say that you're selfish and don't really need that cup of coffee every day, and you should give it up for lights and turf we don't need. "The cost of this is X, but we are saving on Y and Z so the real cost to you is only bla bla bla." The problem arises when the savings don't materialize...you vote yes on the spending and there's no going back, you're stuck with it. You will know the real cost only when you get your tax bill next year. They most certainly can propose more than one bond. This is typical...put something in the bond that you know everyone wants (security) along with other unnecessary stuff. I have kids in school, and I pay out of pocket for sports not offered in this district, now I have to pay for this? Another question....why do we have to purchase the solar panels? There are companies out there (i.e. Solar City) that lease the panels to you and charge you a reduced rate for the electric they produce AT NO COST TO YOU! Did anyone even research this? Basically you reduce your electric rate by ~25% and don't pay a dime for the installation. Sure, the payback isn't quite as lucrative as owning the panels, BUT WE WOULDN"T HAVE TO PAY $2.2 MILLION FOR IT!! Only thing is, your roof has to be good...which is the other question...what is the condition of the roof, and are we going to be hit with expenses to repair or replace the roof prior to installing these panels? If there are cost overruns, what happens? If the roof is in poor condition and you install panels, it becomes very expensive to perform roof repairs as the panels would have to be removed.
Wlodek February 03, 2014 at 12:48 PM
Candace: In the current situation asking questions is not going to work. If the BOE really wanted to receive and answer questions there would have been a better forum to do so. Scheduling a BOE vote less than a week since the administration presented what they thought was a developed proposal is not serious. Never mind that the presentation did not have enough detail for the community to comment in a meaningful way.
Candace Lindemann February 03, 2014 at 01:02 PM
Wlodek: There is an e-mail address for those unable to attend meetings -- I encourage all to submit input, concerns, and questions. Your opinions about the bond and the board's process are an entirely different issue. This is just a value-neutral statement that there is a way for people to submit questions and input to the board if they are unable to attend the meetings. While commenting here is certainly valid, it is an echo-chamber. If you want your remarks to be part of the official record or want to hear the board's answers to questions, then you need to speak up to them. If you do not like the answers, then you need to get new people to run for the board. Three people ran for three spots last election.
Wlodek February 03, 2014 at 01:08 PM
Candace: Thank you. You are right. Your comments here are of great value.
Thomas Lynch March 02, 2014 at 05:57 PM
I posted this on the MPRP Patch Facebook page, but it got buried in their timeline. There is no current article here either after the 27th BOE meeting and Wlodek's Beacon Article, so here is my post repeated here outside of Facebook: ================================ MPUFSD $7,500,000 BOND (or $2,300 per student or $535 for every man woman and child in the MPSD) ~~~~ All these updates on the weather - but I am hearing CRICKETS here in the Patch and social media? Seems even though astro turf was voted down before (2010) , and lots of people are against it (seems like all my neighbors and the 34 comments in another article a month ago!!), as well many studies say its sustainability, end replacement/disposal, and long term maintenance is MORE expense???? WHERE was this data? Same with the lights? (OpEx - operational expense and that is after a significant CapEx front end expense) additionally study after study has shown its bad and dangerous for the kids (and pro athletes ) - http://turf.uark.edu/turfhelp/archives/021109.html Contrary to history, past voting, and even other districts research, it seems this is STILL being somehow knitted into the BOEs plans - by WHO & WHY? We still have **** over 10% of the bond stuffed like a sausage with all this "pork"*** that is tied to obvious and mandatory security and repairs we probably must/should do? But the media is silent! (except in the Beacon and its pubs on the 27th but you have to subscribe or buy their stuff newsletters so nobody knows it) What happened to the Patch? Were is the social media discussion? I know there were cutbacks at the Patch and etc. but we got Oscar reports, weather, and potholes and drugs, how the gov is voting in AZ, .........why has there been no reporting or updates on the very important and local $$$$$$$$ item that affect 100% of MPSD taxpaying households? Most of us are working (if we are lucky enough to have a job in these still very hard times) trying to pay for all this and don't have the luxury to go hang out for all these painfully long meetings. (yes yes, I am a bad parent and could always come to a meeting and change the world - but look what comes out of these meetings?) We voted and expected the new board members to uphold our majority wishes as THEY have a fiduciary responsibility NOT to let this happen???? They pledged to be AUSTERE (when it comes to anything NOT tied directly to education or instruction) - after reading the preso, looking at the discussions, seeing Vlodek Guryn's article in the Times Beacon Record - there are still a lot of possibly purposefully unanswered questions. The first is WHY is turf and lighting BACK in the bond and now tied like an anchor to the rest of the repairs and security items? I am voting NO and emailing , advising, communicating to all friends/neighbors/taxpayers and supporting SANE (Sound Academics Neighborhood Economics) to make this message VERY clear to the BOE. Hopefully they can re-swizzle this after it fails, blow another $10 grand for a re-vote, and get this done in May. The current bond proposal is Lipstick on the Pig (pork) This family's votes are VOTING NO. If we don't have the representation and protection we thought we had - all we have left is our VOTE. "it's a NO for me" ==================================


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